Greenwich 1

Dear London,
Greenwich. Your village on the river. Now a top tourist destination, I saw it in the metro, that bible to the Londoner, so it must be true. It was always the place that I wanted to live and then circumstance invited the move. The circumstance being to get far as I could from west London. To the south east of you, no tube stops, another world.

I used to visit Greenwich like a seaside town, it was the closest I could get. When I first moved to you I lived in the glare of canary wharf, see it from my window, kids throwing bricks from the other side .
They were the good times together, when I’d just started to fall for you, was learning your inches, forgetting old friends, dressing always as if for a party. Like you should in London.
I spent days off, walking to Greenwich finding stories and coincidences that didn’t exist. I still believed in you then, believed in me. Had an east end pub that i used to frequent and east end nick name to match it. Must be the only proper pub left that side of the island, no over priced sausage & mash or tourist fish and chips there. A pint of guiness, a packet of nuts. Its still there, still the same landlord, mainly the same, but no ashtrays in the toilets anymore. That was the closest I ever came to having a local.

Then I left canary wharf and you for a foray into the country. I left you for love. And a job. It was one bus an hour on a Sunday kind of country. 3 mile walk & no street lights kind of country. Walking a mile to tescos just to get some toilet roll kind of country. Living there i baked bread and made stews and frightened myself in a ground floor flat watching twin peaked on charity VHS. Curled up in true suburbia. There was a sense of home there, in that small town, in that garden flat (something I could never afford in you) with that person. But you were always there, knowing that I’d come back to you.And a dead deer on the roadside, on my walk to work ensured that I did. No matter your dangers, your muggings, your knives, you’d never throw a dead animal at me, not one that size.

So I risked it, staked a relationship on it and came back to you. And this time I believed your promises more than the first time. I thought that this would be it. A move from Hampshire to Acton.


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